2020 Survey

In keeping with our principle of anonymity NA does not keep records of who attends our meetings. Every few years we conduct a survey across England, Scotland and Wales, to try and get a better idea of the demographics of our meetings. Our last completed survey took place online in 2020 and was based on 1416 respondents.


Our 2020 Survey pamphlet can be viewed and downloaded here.

Our complete 2020 downloadable survey data can viewed here.

The 2018 Survey pamphlet  can be viewed here.

​Some notable figures from the 2020 survey are below:

​75.6% of respondents had been in active drug addiction for over 10 years before managing to stay clean through NA.

​Of respondents with over a years continuous abstinence from drugs

94% said the quality of their life had improved.

70% said their housing situation was better.

81% had improved  family relationships.

84% had better social connectedness.

​64% of all respondents were employed, a further 9% were in education or retired, 22 % were unemployed (inclusive of 13% because of sick or disability).

The respondents gender were 54.3% male, 42.2% female, 1.3% non binary.

​46% of those who responded said they had not relapsed on drugs since first coming to NA.

37.2% of respondents had between 1 and 10 years of total abstinence from all drugs, 19.8% had less than a year, 6.5 % were still taking drugs and 35.4% had in excess of 10 years total abstinence.

​Of respondents who had a criminal conviction prior to attending NA (53.5%) over 88% stated they had no further convictions since attending NA meetings.


In  March 2020 there were 1250 weekly meetings taking place throughout England, Scotland and Wales. As of 1st March 2021, as a consequence of Covid 19 , 950 plus meetings were taking place  online. Based on the number of meetings,  the responses in the survey of meeting numbers and weekly attendance, we estimate there are in excess of 7500 NA members leading drug free, productive and improved lives in the UK as a result of ongoing attendance at NA meetings.