NA Meetings

Who can attend?

There are three types of meetings 'Open to All', 'Open by Request' and 'Addicts Only' the latter are only for addicts or those who think they may have a problem with drugs. 'Open to All' meetings are open to anyone to attend, including family members, friends or professionals in the field, Check the website which specifies what each meeting is. If there are no 'Open to All' or 'Open by Request' ' meetings in your local area please go along anyway and ask one of those organising it if they can ask the group to make it 'Open' so you can attend.

Can I bring a client to a NA Meeting?

Absolutely, you are welcome to bring clients to our 'Open to All' meetings. We would suggest that you arrive early and let one of those organising the meeting know who you are. Please feel free to ask questions before or after the meeting, but we would ask that you refrain from 'sharing' or talking during  the meeting.

Can I attend NA Meetings myself?

Professionals are more than welcome at our 'Open to All' meetings. PHE guidelines recommend those working with addicts inform their clients about NA and also that they should attend and experience meetings themselves. Many professionals have said that attending meetings first hand helped to dispel myths about NA as they see and experience what happens in the meetings and have the opportunity to establish a more personal liaison with the local NA Community. Feel free to ask questions before or after the meeting. 

Are there online 'Open' Meetings?

Currently there are over 450 online UK NA meetings and many of those are 'Open to All' meetings. Please respect the individual meetings guidelines, i.e. some might require everyone to have video on. We would ask that you refrain from 'sharing' or talking yourself in the meeting. A list of online 'Open to All' meetings is available here.

Local Contacts

Our helpline has many local contacts, for reasons of anonymity and data protection we can't publish them online. Please call the helpline and let them know who you are and that you would like to attend a local meeting. If you leave your contact number they will try and get someone local to return your call. The helpline number is 0300 999 1212 or email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to connect you with someone local.

Other things to note

PLEASE never repeat what you hear at an NA meeting – confidentiality is very important;

Feel free to share your personal experience of attending with others;

If you attend with others, try not to sit together instead spread out around the room;

When there is a round of introductions just say “my name is (your name) and I am a visitor”;

Reading cards are placed on seats and the people sitting in that seat are expected to read the card;

Please do not give money when the basket is passed; contributions are for members only.